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Mechanical Total Stations

Brand: a-GEO Model: Y
a-GEO 'Y' - 2'' Android Total StationWith SurPro 6.0 software embeddedThe a-GEO 'Y' geodetic total station is a complete tool in the hands of the engineer. It has a high angular and linear accuracy of 2'' / 2mm + 2ppm regardless of the measurement methodology.a-GEO 'Y' runs on Android 11 and comes p..
Brand: e-survey Model: eTS5
The e-Survey eTS5 geodetic station is the newest proposal of e-Survey. It is a total station that primarily "fills the eye" and justifies the customer's choice. It features an Auto-Lock endless movement with a unique ergonomic design, a quick trigger button and a bright color display in both 2 teles..
Brand: Sanding Model: ARC10
SANDING Arc 10 is the first high-end android total station in the market.It features two 5-inch multi-touch screens with resolution 720 × 1280, bright and readable under sunlight. The software is icon-based, making it even more productive and functional.With plenty of memory and storage, it combines..
Brand: Sanding Model: CTS-632 R10
The SANDING CTS 632 total station is a new addition to the SANDING range of high precision total stations.It features 2 color touch screens, extremely bright and readable in bright sunlight.The CTS 632 offers top-notch technology  with "tools" that many of its competitors would envy.Depending ..
e-Survey E3 - 2” e-Survey E3 - 2”
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Brand: e-survey Model: E3
The e-Survey E3 is a complete geodetic total station with exceptional features, high angular accuracy of 2 '' and the ability to measure up to 800m in reflector-less mode.It features an SD Card and a new RS232 port for data transmission and reception.With more than 12 consecutive hours of operation,..
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e-Survey eTS5V - 2'' e-Survey eTS5V - 2''
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Brand: e-survey Model: eTS5V
e-Survey eTS5VSurPad Ready • High-End Manual Total StationHigh Accuracy 2' • Endless Drives / Auto-Lock • Laser Pointer • LED Guide Lights • USB • Dual Color ScreenThe e-Survey eTS5V geodetic station is the newest proposal of e-Survey. It is a total station that primarily "fills the eye" and justifi..
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