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a-GEO GeoPuls IMU Laser RTK GNSS Rover a-GEO GeoPuls IMU Laser RTK GNSS Rover
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Brand: a-GEO Model: GeoPuls
a-GEO GeoPuls Laser RTK GNSSThe fastest RTK GNSS receiver, now with Laser measurment capabilities!a-GEO GeoPuls is one of a-GEO's newest and most multifunctional RTK receivers.It offers the same GNSS motherboard UM980 (Full GNSS / 1408 channels) and enjoys all the advantages of L2, namely incredible..
1,860.00€ 2,480.00€
Ex Tax:1,500.00€
e-survey E500H RTK GNSS Receiver e-survey E500H RTK GNSS Receiver
New -34 %
Brand: e-survey Model: E500H P20
e-Survey E500H IMU receiverSPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER The RTK GNSS e-Survey E500 receiver is the toughest RTK receiver you've ever had. Built to work under really tough conditions without sacrificing performance and reliability. It comes with the Hemisphere P20 chipset  (made in ..
3,100.00€ 4,712.00€
Ex Tax:2,500.00€
Full Set Sanding SL-C32 Full Set Sanding SL-C32
-20 %
Brand: Sanding Model: SL-C32-FS
SANDING SL-C32 • FULL SETIncludes aluminum tripod and 5m staffThe new Sanding SL-C32 automatic level is here to offer you the chance to work with a great instrument without the need to break the bank.Weather you need an automatic level for a construction site or for surveying work, you will be aston..
217.00€ 272.80€
Ex Tax:175.00€
SANDING V1 AR/VR GNSS Receiver with H10 SANDING V1 AR/VR GNSS Receiver with H10
New -19 %
Brand: Sanding Model: V1 - H10 SET
Sanding V1 RTK GNSS with AR/VR camera1608 channels • Full GNSS • E6 ready • IMU 120°+ • AR/VR Camera • TX/RX UHF • 23h RTK • IP68The set consists of: - RTK GNSS SANDING V1 receiver with AR/VR Camera / IMU / UHF in hard case with charger, UHF antenna and base adapter- Android controller SAN..
2,914.00€ 3,596.00€
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P3 - New generation Android controller P3 - New generation Android controller
-29 % Coming soon
Brand: GINTEC Model: P3
GINTEC P3New generation GNSS Android controllerIntroducing the new P3 Android controller from GINTEC. New elegant and ergonomic design, with an emphasis on speed of use and connectivity.The new P3 comes with an upgraded 8-core MediaTek processor, a bright display that is easily readable in sunlight,..
706.80€ 992.00€
Ex Tax:570.00€
e-Survey eTS5V - 2'' e-Survey eTS5V - 2''
Sold Out
Brand: e-survey Model: eTS5V
e-Survey eTS5VSurPad Ready • High-End Manual Total StationHigh Accuracy 2' • Endless Drives / Auto-Lock • Laser Pointer • LED Guide Lights • USB • Dual Color ScreenThe e-Survey eTS5V geodetic station is the newest proposal of e-Survey. It is a total station that primarily "fills the eye" and justifi..
Ex Tax:3,250.00€
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