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Prisms - Reflectors

Brand: Recap Survey Model: LBL-6
The 360° LED beacon light is essential when working in dim or no-light conditions, as it helps the total station operator to easily spot the prism.It comes with 3 main operations: White light (3 levels)Red lightRed pulse lightIt's equipped with 5/8 screws (male & female) on top and bot..
Ex Tax:130.00€
360° prism ADS360-7 360° prism ADS360-7
-18 %
Brand: Recap Survey Model: ADS360-7
High quality 360 degree prism made with rigid UV stabilized plastic.Features a bubble level on top for accurate measurements.Rugged casing prevents prism movement and is built to last years in the field.Seven 5″ accuracy 25.4mm silver coated prisms.Prism constant of +2mm.Anodised aluminium core with..
223.20€ 272.80€
Ex Tax:180.00€
360° prism ADS360Α 360° prism ADS360Α
New -20 %
Brand: Recap Survey Model: ADS360A
360° prism suitable for most robotic stations (mainly Leica) but also for all conventional ones.It has a Leica type thread (swiss-style), and can be used in parallel with a beacon, GNSS receiver etc.It is identical to the Leica GRZ4, and is very affordable.Prism stability: +23.1mm..
595.20€ 744.00€
Ex Tax:480.00€
Brand: CRSG Model: G318
The CRSG G318 is a high precision and unique quality mini prism with a 9mm rod.It consists ofthe 25.4mm diameter prism (of better than 5'' precision) with copper coatingthe metal target with the indication "ZERO OFFSET" the metal frame with built-in aerostation (40 minute) and two pointing edge..
Ex Tax:115.00€
Brand: CRSG Model: G320
The CRSG G320 is a high quality mini prism with the ability to apply 2 constants (0mm & -30mm).Includes scratch protection case, special "screw" centering without the use of a rod.Thread: 5/8Diameter: ~2.8cm..
Ex Tax:80.00€
Brand: CRSG Model: G324
The CRSG G324 is a high precision and unique quality 360° mini prism with a 9mm rod.It has high reflectivity thanks to its copper coatingIts stability is 0mm offering the possibility to perform precision measurementsCan be used by both mechanical and robotic stationsIts range of use reaches 3500mIt ..
Ex Tax:300.00€
Mini reflector prism with pole Mini reflector prism with pole
-16 %
Brand: Leica Model: GMP111
Mini reflector prism with bubble and pole. It offers positional accuracy due to its small size. With a polymer holder with 1/4'' thread. The reflector has a built-in levelling bubble and is supplied with 4 aluminum poles, permitting 5 prism heights (10, 40, 70, 100, 130cm). Centering accuracy: ..
97.96€ 115.94€
Ex Tax:79.00€
Brand: OEM Model: P115
Mini rod with a diameter of 9mm and a total length of 150cm. It is divided into 5 sections, and comes with a hard carrying case.It features perfect alignment, and is suitable for precision measurements.Does not include a bubble, but can use the GL115...
Ex Tax:45.00€
Brand: OEM Model: ZBZ16S
Effective Diameter: 65mmOffset: 0mmSupplied with a soft bag. ..
Ex Tax:85.00€
Mini prism 111 Mini prism 111
-15 %
Brand: OEM Model: ADS-MINI-111
Mini prism with metal target plate. Prism diameter: Φ25.4mmOffset: +17.5mmSupplied with soft bag.Adapter: quick release (Leica / Swiss style) ..
93.00€ 109.74€
Ex Tax:75.00€
Brand: OEM Model: ADS-MINI-116
Mini prism with the possibility of applying 2 constants (0mm & -30mm) made from durable plastic.Includes scratch-protection case, special centering "screw" without the use of a rod.Thread: 5/8Diameter: 25.4mm..
Ex Tax:37.50€
Nikon style prism G31003 Nikon style prism G31003
-19 %
Brand: CRSG Model: G31003
High quality prism with bag, target and reflectorEffective Diameter: 64mm Offset: -30mm or 0mm Prism holder: AK18Prism target: AZ18Compatible with all total stations..
99.20€ 122.76€
Ex Tax:80.00€
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