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e-Survey ESL3 automatic level e-Survey ESL3 automatic level
-10 %
Brand: e-survey Model: ESL3
e-Survey’s ESL3 automatic level is designed to meet the highest demands. It features particularly bright optics, a large objective aperture, a sturdy air-damped compensator and quality workmanship – just right for use under extremely harsh conditions...
246.76€ 272.80€
Ex Tax:199.00€
e-Survey eTS5V e-Survey eTS5V
New -18 %
Brand: e-survey Model: eTS5V
The e-Survey eTS5V geodetic station is the newest proposal of e-Survey. It is a total station that primarily "fills the eye" and justifies the customer's choice. It features an Auto-Lock endless movement with a unique ergonomic design, a quick trigger button and a bright color display in both 2 tele..
3,286.00€ 4,030.00€
Ex Tax:2,650.00€
Full Set e-Survey ESL3 Full Set e-Survey ESL3
-24 %
Brand: e-survey Model: ESL-32-FS
The new e-Survey ESL3 automatic level is here to offer you the chance to work with a great instrument without the need to break the bank.Weather you need an automatic level for a construction site or for surveying work, you will be astonished by its reliability and productivity in the fiel..
322.40€ 421.60€
Ex Tax:260.00€
Brand: e-survey Model: P8II
P8II is a lightweight rugged handheld with full keyboard. Is e-Survey’s next-generation professional-grade GNSS handheld, including a high-sensitivity GPS antenna that performs well in challenging environments such as forests and urban areas. P8II is a full GNSS receiver and a next generation Andro..
Ex Tax:800.00€
Brand: e-survey Model: P9IV
A PROFESSIONAL RUGGED CONTROLLER FOR ANY APPLICATIONThe eSurvey P9IV is a professional-grade Android 11 controller, designed for long time fieldwork. With IP67 certification, the P9IV is suitable for tough environments. Due to its ergonomic design, the P9IV offers easy one-handed use and provide..
Ex Tax:850.00€
Brand: e-survey Model: ES-CAB-GNSS-01
Suitable for all devices which support connection interface through a 5-pin cable...
Ex Tax:45.00€
Brand: e-survey Model: BA5200
Rechargeable battery BA5200 (3.8V / 5200mAh)  with a long life.More than 12 hours of continuous usage with a simple charge.Suitable for e-Survey P8II and Stonex controllers..
Ex Tax:75.00€
BP-5S Battery for e-survey E600, P9II Pro
-18 %
Brand: e-survey Model: BP-5S
Rechargeable li-ion battery with a long life.Smart light indicators show a charging state.5 hours of continuous usage with a simple charge.Suitable for e-survey E600, P9II Pro, Stonex S900, FOIF A90, and other receivers.7.2V 3400mAh 24.5Wh...
111.60€ 136.40€
Ex Tax:90.00€
e-Survey Alpha-2 RTK GNSS Rover e-Survey Alpha-2 RTK GNSS Rover
-20 %
Brand: e-survey Model: eSA2
e-Survey eSA2 (Alpha2) Full GNSS ReceiverThe all-new GNSS RTK e-Survey eSA2 cooperates amazingly with SurPad 4.2 SE (sold separately), and offers accuracy of 1.00cm + 1ppm in RTK!It is very compact and lightweight, but do not underestimate it! By utilizing the new UM980 chipset (1408 channels - base..
1,238.76€ 1,548.76€
Ex Tax:999.00€
Brand: e-survey Model: E100 v2/v3
The new RTK GNSS e-Survey E100-v2/v3 is a phenomenal Network Receiver, which can be a part of a Base - Rover system by utilizing either an external UHF or Internet transmission via SIM/WiFi.It's outstanding performance is mostly due to the Hemisphere P20 chipset, along with the ever-u..
3,286.00€ 3,534.00€
Ex Tax:2,650.00€
e-Survey E3 - 2” e-Survey E3 - 2”
-13 %
Brand: e-survey Model: E3
The e-Survey E3 is a complete geodetic total station with exceptional features, high angular accuracy of 2 '' and the ability to measure up to 800m in reflector-less mode.It features an SD Card and a new RS232 port for data transmission and reception.With more than 12 consecutive hours of operation,..
2,976.00€ 3,410.00€
Ex Tax:2,400.00€
Brand: e-survey Model: E300Pro
e-Survey E300Pro IMU receiverThe E300Pro RTK GNSS e-Survey e-Survey RTK receiver is more than just a simple Full GNSS RTK receiver. It is one of the first receivers in the global market to effectively integrate cutting-edge technologies such as IMU, a-RTK, on-board charging with Type-C USB and much ..
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