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EasyScan M05 SLAM scanner

EasyScan M05 SLAM scanner
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  • Model: EasyScan M05
  • Weight: 5.00kg
  • Dimensions: 40.00cm x 30.00cm x 30.00cm
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EasyScan M05

Entry level handheld 3D Laser Scanner!

••► ± 2cm relative accuracy

••► 90 minutes work on a single battery

••► Real color point cloud (post-processing)

••► Easy to use!

EasyScan M05 is a portable Laser Scanner (SLAM) device, ideal for fast 3D capturing of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Its compact design makes it easy to use, while its battery-operated handle features an ergonomic design for an easy and stable grip during use.

It can be used by anyone and no special training is required. 

EasyScan M05

The Easy Point Access field application allows you to view your course in the field, and constantly monitor your data download. Upon completion, the data is exported to the USB stick, and imported into the SLAM Studio software for processing. As a benchmark, a large block of land requires about 8-10 minutes of downloading, and 10 minutes of post-processing on a relatively simple H/Y.

Its LIDAR technology allows the 16 acquisition beams to penetrate obstacles and accurately capture even surfaces that are not in immediate priority. So you'll notice as you browse, you'll even capture floor plans of stores that you're just passing by outside.

Advantages of usiing EasyScan M05

  • Fast copy of reality in 3D. Use it exclusively or in combination with other surveying / capturing methods, and create digital backgrounds and reference points for your work.
  • Fully suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, including basements, tunnels, excavations, forests, etc.
  • Ideal for instantly recording - counting signs, utility poles, cafes, manholes, trees, etc. 
  • It is the most economical, reliable and fast solution, based on methodology.
  • Easy processing and export of point cloud to las, laz, e57, xyz etc. for work in any software

Suitable for

  • Surveyors and civil engineers for internal - external mapping
  • Architects and interior designers for direct reception of interior information, quick processing and creation of views, sections, etc.
  • GIS professionals for immediate recording of features of interest
  • Foresters/foresters for vegetation type, density, condition, etc.
  • Earthmovers and public works contractors for volumetrics, as-built, etc.
  • Insurance companies for documentation of accidents, damages, fire results etc.
  • Technical services for project inspections, recording of construction progress, etc.


  • Topographic mapping / GIS
  • Volume measurement of deposits 
  • Creation of floor plans / elevations / building sections
  • Accident recording
  • Damage and disaster inspection
  • Underground & tunnel surveys
  • Recording & inspection of overhead cables
Scanning distance 40m@R=10% -- 70m@R=80%
Scanning points/sec 200.000 pts/sec
Relative accuracy Up to 2cm
Absolute accuracy Better than 5cm
Laser lines 16
Field of view H:360°, V: 59° (-7° to 52°)
Laser class Class I
Battery type Detachable handle, charging via USB Type-C
Battery duration 1.5h per battery
Field application Real time, EPiC Easy Point Access
Desktop application EPiC Cloud Center / Slam Studio
Camera Panoramic, 16MP
RTK YES, optional
Backpack YES, optional
Weight ~1000g with camera & battery

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