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a-GEO GeoPuls IMU Laser RTK GNSS Rover

a-GEO GeoPuls IMU Laser RTK GNSS Rover
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a-GEO GeoPuls Laser RTK GNSS

The fastest RTK GNSS receiver, now with Laser measurment capabilities!

a-GEO GeoPuls is one of a-GEO's newest and most multifunctional RTK receivers.

It offers the same GNSS motherboard UM980 (Full GNSS / 1408 channels) and enjoys all the advantages of L2, namely incredible performance in urban environment, "extreme" IMU, strong signal reception, small size, compact body, light weight, etc.

The innovation it introduces is that of LASER printing. To make it easier to understand, we will list the correspondence with a LASER range finder:

- The rangefinder measures the distance between itself and the aiming point.

- GeoPuls measures final coordinates at the aiming point.

In particular, you can now aim with the bright green LASER beam, and by simply pressing the capture button, take the unreachable spot!

The range of action exceeds 10-20 meters, although its rational use (up to 10m) is recommended.

In practice, a-GEO's unsurpassed IMU technology is used, where combined with an EDM mechanism, we get an instant result at the aiming point.

Of course the GeoPuls receiver can be used "normally" using a rod!

In order to use the Laser, please follow these instructions:

GNSS Performance
Board Unicore UM980 high precision GNSS chipset Based on 1408 channel Nebulas IV GNSS SoC
Channels 1408
IMU 60° YES, 90°
BeiDou B1I,B2I,B3I,B1C,B2a,B2b
Galileo E1,E5a,E5b,E6*
QZSS L1,L2,L5,L6*
Update rate 5Hz standard
RTK accuracy H: 8mm + 1ppm V: 15mm + 1ppm
Communication - Connection
Bluetooth YES
UHF radio NO
USB Type-C For direct charging
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~+75℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~+85℃
Free drops 2m
Built-In Yes
Capacity 8.4V / 1800mAh
Charger type USB Type-C
Width 35mm x 56mm
Height 108 mm
Weight 170gr

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