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a-GEO 'Y' Android Total Station

a-GEO 'Y' - 2'' Android Total Station

With SurPro 6.0 software embedded

The a-GEO 'Y' geodetic total station is a complete tool in the hands of the engineer. It has a high angular and linear accuracy of 2'' / 2mm + 2ppm regardless of the measurement methodology.

a-GEO 'Y' runs on Android 11 and comes pre-installed with one of the world's leading field apps, SurPro 6.0 (it even has a simpler field app with fewer features).

In summary, the station features endless motion using endless drives, Laser Pointer & plummet, dual large bright 5.5' touch screen, quick measurement trigger, dual digital compensator, USB port, 4GB RAM and IP55 certification.

Smart Android OS

Use any Cloud app you want, and stay in sync with the office.

High performance - smooth operation

Thanks to the powerful ARM Cortex processor and plenty of RAM, 'Y' guarantees you an unforgettable user experience.

Great connectivity

Bluetooth, USB, Type-C, 4G* (optional)

Comfortable operation and interactivity

Large bright touch screen 5.5' / 1280x720

Duration of use

With the use of 2 long-lasting batteries, combined with intelligent power distribution and saving, it will comfortably take a full day of measurements

Powerful software

The station comes with dual Android software, SurPro 6 (premium) and BaseMeasure (basic version)

The use of SurPro 6 is recommended for:

  • topographical impressions with simultaneous design in CAD and final export of a complete plan
  • drawing points but also any CAD design entity directly from a DWG file
  • works (impressions / engravings) of road construction, earthworks, etc.

Support multiple input/output file types

A large number of file types are supported, such as txt, csv, dxf, dwg, shp, xls, kml, kpz, gpx, etc.

Graphical use

Use CAD for mapping and engraving without the need for an improvised field anymore

Angle Measurement
Accuracy 2''
Detecting system H: 2 sides V: 2 sides
Diameter of circle 79mm
Method Absolute Encoding
Min. Reading 0.5'', 1'', 5'', 10''
Unit 360° / 400gon / 6400mil
Serial port RS-232C For connection to devices that do not support USB
Keyboard Alphanumeric Key
No. of Display 2
Distance Measurement
In a reflexive target (5x5cm) 1.0 m to 1200m
Measurement accuracy Prism Mode: 2mm + 2ppm | Non-Prism Mode: 2mm + 2ppm
Measuring time Precision measurement: 0.5 sec Fast measurement: 0.3-0.5 sec
Non-Prism 1000m
Prism constant Manual Input, Auto Correction
Single prism 1.0 m to 5000 m
EDM Trigger key Yes
Embedded Software SurPro 6
File formats txt, csv, dxf, dwg, shp, xls, kml, kpz, gpx, etc.
Laser plummet CLass 2
Laser pointer CLass 3
Field of view 1°30'
Image Erect
Length 154mm
Magnification 30x
Objective lens diameter 50mm
Type Color screen
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~+50℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~+70℃
Power supply 2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries DC 7.4V

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