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SurPad 4 Field GPS & Surveying software

SurPad 4 Field GPS & Surveying software
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SurPad 4 Field GPS & Surveying software
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SurPad 4.0 is a GNSS surveying and mapping software.

Based on years of accumulating market experience, in combination with the international mainstream of surveying and mapping data acquisition function of the software, integrating RTK control, GIS data collection and road design and layout into one role. The main feature of the software is very outstanding graphic interaction, very powerful function and humanizes operation process.

It works seamlessly with all e-survey GNSS receivers, providing fast communication, complete tuning and customization of the receiver and the software itself.

For the first time, a field application obeys the way you work. From the first use you will feel the difference: It all makes sense. Everything is where it should be. The "advanced user" features are not confused with the basics. And most of all: everything is where you want it to be. The graphical display lets you specify the location of commands, their type, the data you want to view, and much more.

Field Software SurPad 4.0 - Overview

  • Android app, suitable for your mobile phone!
  • Flexible function selection, easy to use
  • Customizable function menus and display items
  • Support the third generation tilt survey algorithm
  • Support 2D - 3D CAD files
  • Google Maps background / geo-referenced maps
  • Universal projection mode, unit
  • Professional road function
  • CAD function, real-time acquisition, mapping
  • Support for graphical marking of collection points
  • Site elevation control
  • Support connection, survey and stakeout with the total station


  • Mapping aerial cables
  • Mapping points of predetermined importance with emphasis on accuracy
  • CAD function, real-time acquisition
  • Automatic drawing tools for measuring
  • Parameter view


  • Marking points in three ways
  • Design of road elements (sections, horizontals, slopes etc.)
  • Drawing of axes, perimeters etc.
  • Voice and visual guidance
  • Controlled approach audio signal

9 reasons why SurPad 4.0 - field software outperforms the competition:

  1. It is an Android software that even runs on your mobile.
  2. It's fast. It takes only a few seconds for you to start counting.
  3. It has completely removed the crocus. With CAD synchronization capabilities, voice and written notes as well as photographic documentation, the crocus is now a thing of the past.
  4. It's smart. You only display the type of information you want without "popping" the screen.
  5. Using a Google Maps background you can be sure you didn't forget to capture something!
  6. It is effective. There is no reason to refer to other softwares. Finish your work on the field and download the files directly in dxf format!
  7. It supports all views, all reporting systems.
  8. Includes detailed user manual and free training by us.
  9. We are here for you. Recap Survey supports all engineers by providing solutions, services and customized software to meet your needs. Join Recap's network!

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