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GPS/GNSS Receivers

Model: SatLab SL300
Full RTK SatLab SL300 set.Consists of: Rugged controller with SurvCE software, antenna and pole. GPS and GLONASS available.Can be used for surveying and staking out points...
Ex Tax:500.00€
Brand: e-survey Model: Used E100-V2 IMU FS
Lightly used complete e-Survey E100-V2 receiver (IMU) kit with P8II controller, SurPad and carbon fiber pole.Set is in mint condition - selling due to career change. It was purchased in April 2022, but has been used less than 20 times.Contact phone number for the seller: 6930 187827..
Ex Tax:2,800.00€
Brand: Spectra Precision Model: Spectra SP60 set
Used Spectra SP60 receiver in good condition. The package includes: 1) Spectra SP60 receiver (L1 & L2)2) Mobile Mapper 20 controller ( It has the survey pro software)3) 2 batteries for the SP60 receiver4) 2 batteries for Mobile Mapper 20 controller5) 1 tape measure6) Accessory extension pol..
Ex Tax:2,500.00€
-63 %
HUGEROCK T60P is a rugged IP67 controller of very high specifications.You will be amazed at first glance: Excellent ergonomic design, bright large multi-touch screen, FHD resolution and speed that surpasses all previous ones.Whatever the nature of your job, the T60P controller will lead the way!Desi..
372.00€ 992.00€
Ex Tax:300.00€
ProMark 100 ProMark 100
-25 % Sold Out
Brand: Spectra Precision Model: ProMark 100
ProMark100 is the most versatile post-processing solution designed for easy and efficient land survey. ProMark 100 solution includes the new Ashtech rugged GNSS receiver running Windows Mobile® 6.5 operating system, the new Ashtech ProMark Field software and the new Ashtech ASH-660 (L1 GPS/GLONASS) ..
372.00€ 496.00€
Ex Tax:300.00€
Spectra SP60 Spectra SP60
Sold Out
Brand: Spectra Precision Model: SP60
The used Spectra SP60 receiver is in excellent condition (almost unused) with no signs of wear. In addition, it has internal TRx UHF radio power 2Watt.Comes with 2 batteries, charger, user manuals and other accesories.Post ProccessingRTK baseRover measurement via UHF Long Range Bluetooth base RTK an..
Ex Tax:1,800.00€
Trimble R4 (used)
Sold Out
Brand: Trimble Model: Trimble R4 (used)
This item is used.Complete GNSS receiver Trimble R4, with Trimble original pad and Trimble software...
Ex Tax:2,500.00€
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