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Brand: a-GEO Model: Matrix II
AlphaGeo Matrix-II Laser RTK IMU ReceiverOne of the most complete RTK receivers, has just arrived!The basicsThe α-GEO Matrix-II is perhaps the most complete RTK receiver on the market. To understand its value, you have to work with it.• All satellite systems - all frequencies• Powerful IMU with uns..
a-GEO GeoPuls IMU Laser RTK GNSS Rover a-GEO GeoPuls IMU Laser RTK GNSS Rover
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Brand: a-GEO Model: GeoPuls
a-GEO GeoPuls Laser RTK GNSSThe fastest RTK GNSS receiver, now with Laser measurment capabilities!a-GEO GeoPuls is one of a-GEO's newest and most multifunctional RTK receivers.It offers the same GNSS motherboard UM980 (Full GNSS / 1408 channels) and enjoys all the advantages of L2, namely incredible..
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