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Brand: EPIC Model: EasyScan M05
EasyScan M05Entry level handheld 3D Laser Scanner!••► ± 2cm relative accuracy••► 90 minutes work on a single battery••► Real color point cloud (post-processing)••► Easy to use!EasyScan M05 is a portable Laser Scanner (SLAM) device, ideal for fast 3D capturing of indoor and outdoor spaces.Its compact..
Brand: a-GEO Model: R100
AlphaGEO SLAM R100SLAM handheld 3D Scanner with LIDAR technology••► ± 1.5cm relative accuracy••► 90 minute working time••► True color RGB pointcloud••► Real-time pointcloud creationSLAM R100 is a portable real-time 3D reconstruction device developed by a-GEO, which deeply integrates LiDAR module, vi..
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