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Brand: EPIC Model: EasyScan T10
EPiC EasyScan T10 Laser ScannerTerrestrial 3D Laser Scanner, Lightweight & Exquisite!The absolutely light - only 3.2kgr - and practical 3D Laser scanner from EPiC, EasyScan T10, has arrived.The T10 is suitable for all types of scanning, whether outdoors or indoors. With a range that reaches 100m..
Brand: Matterport Model: Matterport Pro3 3D Camera
Matterport Pro3 3D CameraDigital twin capture reimagined, re-engineered, and ready for anything.With Matterport's latest 3D camera, properties can be scanned at a faster pace compared to previous versions, enabling you to expedite project completion. The Pro3 offers the most precise scans for both i..
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