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Alpha-2 RTK GNSS Rover Alpha-2 RTK GNSS Rover
-20 %
Brand: e-survey Model: eSA2
The all-new GNSS RTK e-Survey eSA2 cooperates amazingly with SurPad 4.2 SE (sold separately), and offers accuracy of 1.00cm + 1ppm in RTK!It is very compact and lightweight, but do not underestimate it! By utilizing the new UM980 chipset (1408 channels - based on Nebulas IV), it will be hard to find..
1,238.76€ 1,548.76€
Ex Tax:999.00€
e-survey E100-V2 RTK GNSS Receiver e-survey E100-V2 RTK GNSS Receiver
-12 %
Brand: e-survey Model: E100-V2 U/H
The new RTK GNSS e-Survey E100-v2 is a phenomenal Network Receiver, which can be a part of a Base - Rover system by utilizing either an external UHF or Internet transmission via SIM/WiFi.It's outstanding performance is mostly due to the Hemisphere P20 chipset, along with the ever-upgrading..
3,100.00€ 3,534.00€
Ex Tax:2,500.00€
e-Survey E3 - 2” e-Survey E3 - 2”
-13 %
Brand: e-survey Model: E3
The e-Survey E3 is a complete geodetic total station with exceptional features, high angular accuracy of 2 '' and the ability to measure up to 800m in reflector-less mode.It features an SD Card and a new RS232 port for data transmission and reception.With more than 12 consecutive hours of operation,..
2,976.00€ 3,410.00€
Ex Tax:2,400.00€
e-Survey eTS5 - 2” e-Survey eTS5 - 2”
-11 %
Brand: e-survey Model: eTS5
The e-Survey eTS5 geodetic station is the newest proposal of e-Survey. It is a total station that primarily "fills the eye" and justifies the customer's choice. It features an Auto-Lock endless movement with a unique ergonomic design, a quick trigger button and a bright color display in both 2 teles..
3,596.00€ 4,030.00€
Ex Tax:2,900.00€
GINTEC G20M-V2 GNSS Receiver GINTEC G20M-V2 GNSS Receiver
-14 %
Brand: GINTEC Model: G20M-V2 UM980
NEW VERSION OF G20M!GINTEC G20M-V2 is a new, complete and very compact (mini) Full GNSS receiver with special features and great performance!Receives and uses all satellite signals (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, QZSS etc),The extra large 9600mAh battery (continuous use> 17 hours) charges vi..
2,232.00€ 2,604.00€
Ex Tax:1,800.00€
GINTEC G30 Base-Rover Set GINTEC G30 Base-Rover Set
-13 %
Brand: GINTEC Model: G30 Base-Rover
New Powerful RTK EngineG30 is equipped with powerful GNSS RTK engine, which has 1598 channels and support to capture all the running satellite signals. This RTK engine can effectively suppress signal interference. Even in complex environment, it still can provide users with reliable location..
5,580.00€ 6,448.00€
Ex Tax:4,500.00€
GINTEC G30 GNSS Receiver GINTEC G30 GNSS Receiver
-13 %
Brand: GINTEC Model: G30 Mk-803
GINTEC G30 Full GNSS RTK receiverNew Powerful RTK EngineG30 is equipped with powerful GNSS RTK engine, which has 1598 channels and support to capture all the running satellite signals. This RTK engine can effectively suppress signal interference. Even in complex environment, it still&nb..
2,790.00€ 3,224.00€
Ex Tax:2,250.00€
Brand: GINTEC Model: G30Pro BD990
Gintec G30Pro RTK Full GNSS receiver - the best you can get!• High-Performance BD990 BoardEquipped with the most powerful BD990 board for multi-satellite and multi-frequency at high precision positioning accuracy at centimeter, G30Pro can support up to 50Hz data output and optional RTX fu..
4,960.00€ 5,456.00€
Ex Tax:4,000.00€
-14 %
Brand: a-GEO Model: a-GEO L1
The all-new a-GEO L1 Full GNSS RTK receiver is more than you have ever expected.It's small, unique-designed, lightweight and extremely capable.Either you need to complete your Base-Rover set with a lightining-fast receiver, or you need to work using CORS service, this is the ideal receiver for you.a..
1,488.00€ 1,736.00€
Ex Tax:1,200.00€
Brand: a-GEO Model: a-GEO L2 IMU
a-GEO L2-IMU is the first ever super-mini triple-frequency Full GNSS RTK receiver with standard IMU!It's pheonomenal as a network rover, due to it's outstanding performance and it's small weight. The ability to capture points without the need of leveling the pole, make it the ide..
Ex Tax:1,400.00€
SANDING Arc 5 Pro - 2” Total Station
-11 %
Brand: Sanding Model: Arc 5 Pro - 2”
The SANDING Arc 5 total station is the introductory proposal of SANDING in the range of modern and high-capacity geodetic stations. It has an easy-to-use and quite familiar menu, filled with features that will satisfy even the most demanding user.With more than 8 consecutive hours of operation (with..
3,038.00€ 3,410.00€
Ex Tax:2,450.00€
Brand: Sanding Model: ARC10
SANDING Arc 10 is the first high-end android total station in the market.It features two 5-inch multi-touch screens with resolution 720 × 1280, bright and readable under sunlight. The software is icon-based, making it even more productive and functional.With plenty of memory and storage, it combines..
4,898.00€ 5,270.00€
Ex Tax:3,950.00€
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