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Diolkos Road Design Software

Diolkos Road Design Software
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DIOLKOS is a complete and autonomous road design software. It covers all the cases of road design projects including highways, local and collector roads (at urban or rural regions), roads inside forest areas,  multiple road projects such as intersections, motorways with service roads etc.

With Diolkos you can do streamline studies such as ditches, canals, etc. These studies are fully covered, from background preparation and terrain model calculation, to measurements and construction plans.

►All  cases of road design

►3D Visualization in real time

►Digital terrain model

►Multiple road projects

►Quantities measurements

►As built cross sections

►Typical cross section library

►Corridor infrastructures

►Support from engineers

►Continuing education 

Road Design with Diolkos

  • Easy and fast import and modification of project's geometry. On-line perspective visualization of road works (simple and complex), real-time virtual movement along the map for visibility control.
    Study of diagrams, propagations, V85 speeds, drainage.
  • Ground terrain of triangles (TIN) or 3D lines (eg tilting). Occasional geometry of trench and embankment slopes. Study of upgrading an existing road.
  • Calculation of drainage layer, S.E.O / I.B.O, anchorages, ground clearance, retaining walls, safety barriers.
  • Supervised graphical definition of typical random diatoms. Free matching of materials. Typical cross section library
  • Rapid cross-section calculation of each mapping modification and automatic calculation of the final 3D terrain model.

Road Design 

  • Easily import field measurements from Total Station or GPS with text files. The program produces the horizontal, longitudinal and cross sections of the road from the topographic points measured in the field.
  • Export three-dimensional points to a text file for piling in the field. The user can export the coordinates of any point of the cross-section into a format file (X, Y, Z). The export format can also be set so that it can be easily loaded on the relevant equipment.

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